Your Curls, Cured


Curly hair can be gorgeous. It can also be a frizzy pain in the butt, if you don't know how to care for them. Rhonda Brown, owner/head stylist of Salon LaFaye, has a few do's and don'ts that can help you take back your mane.

 Step by step curl control...

1. Use shampoo and conditioner specifically for curly hair. The Aveda Be Curly line is great. These products help reduce frizz and have extra conditioning properties needed for curly hair. Always brush the conditioner through your hair for even distribution.

 2. Keep your styling products in the shower. Before you towel dry just squeeze out extra water. Then apply style products. This will lock in moisture and reduce frizz. Start with Be Curly Style Prep for all day frizz control and moisture. This is your primer. Then, Damage Remedy for heat & UV protection, moisture, and shine. Lastly, either Be Curly Curl Controller to soften the curls or Curl Enhancer to help add a spring to your curls. Then wrap your hair in a towel.

3. When towel drying, don't rub your hair inside the towel. This roughs up the cuticle and adds frizziness, as well as disturbs the curl pattern. Just squeeze out the water. Don't leave the towel on too long either. This could cause the front of your hair to look like a cowlick.

4. Use a diffuser when drying. Your dryer should be set to medium heat until the hair is at 75-80% dry. Then, adjust dryer to cold. Cold helps lock in the style. Don't scrunch the hair during drying. Let the diffuser do all the work. Use a diffuser with fingers on it. Let the curls drape into the fingers and push towards scalp. Flip your head upside down while drying for added volume.

5. For any area that does not curl well break out a one-inch barrel curling iron. Do ringlet curls in alternating directions, toward the face and away.

6. Set the look with Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hairspray.

7. Go rock those beautiful curls!!!